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FOX News
Jul 7, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, 26 cities reported records for the warmest july 6th ever. extreme heat buckling pavement. in maryland, a nursing home did not report a broken air conditioner for days and health officials had to evacuate 150 residents. rising temperatures are pushing electrical grids into really risky territory. our chief meteorologist is live in the extreme weather center. how many records today? >> don't have a full running of all of the smaller towns but i can tell you anywhere from hartford to richmond again today, shepard, records broken. everybody above the triple digits. only real break we saw was 83 degrees in new york and temperatures beginning to fall a tiny, tiny bit. different wind coming off the coast. still extremely warm, though. if you're in new york city, everybody has to get outside. that's what makes it so tough. check out this guy. >> what's it like shining shoes in the heat? >> 9 degrees. >> 90 degrees. it doesn't make a difference. this is my therapy. not only am i the president, i'm also a client. >> ok. is your therapy better in the winter or in the summer? >> my preface is, i
FOX News
Jul 1, 2010 7:00pm EDT
cars in one year. maryland, a fire tearing through a commercial building in downtown frederick. authorities say more than two dozen fire companies battled the blaze. nobody was inside the place but one firefighter went to the hospital for heat exhaustion. florida. animal handlers catching a 9-foot alligator which was said to be prowling around bell glade. residents there say the gator killed a dog. >> can a. >> that come out of the canal and walking the street every night. >> shepard: wildlife officers warning owners to keep their pets fenced in or on a leash. that's a fox watch across america. ozzy osborne known for decades for substance abuse among other things. scientists want to know how the heck he has survived some rockers and pills and snorting. ozzy in the cube. oh, man, he looks spectacular, doesn't he? a target of science coming up. [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2